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GeoTour Web

GeoTours Web is a web application that allows you to easily create media-rich GPS tours. You can add as many tour locations to each tour as you want. For each location, you can add any combination of audio, image, or text descriptions using media files that you've uploaded to your GeoTours Web File Repository. You can also get driving directions and show the tour's route with the click of a button. Once you've created your tour, you can download it into a multitude of devices (see the Supported Devices page). Or, you can simply share it on the web or post it to your blog or web page.

GeoTours Xchange is a feature inside GeoTours Web. You can choose to share any tour that you've created on GeoTours Xchange. Once you share a tour, it is accessible to any users and you can share it with anyone in the world.

And the best thing is that GeoTours Web is completely FREE! Sign up now!


  • Create tours with an unlimited number of locations!
  • No limit on the number of tours you can create
  • Add locations by entering the location's address, specifying latitude and longitude coordinates, or by choosing the location on a map
  • Transfer and store audio and image files to the GeoTours server
  • Add audio, image, or text descriptions to each tour location
  • Share your tours with users across the globe using GeoTours Xchange
  • Each shared tour has it's own unique web address, making it simple to link it to a web site, e-mail, or blog
  • Rate other users' tours and leave feedback for them
  • View the tour route and get driving directions
  • Import tour locations from your Garmin GPS device using Garmin Communicator or by uploading a GPS Exchange (GPX) or Google Earth file

Supported Download Formats

For more specific information, see our supported devices page.

Getting Started

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