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GeoTour Plus offers you an inexpensive solution for developing your own GPS tours to share or sell to friends, family and fans. Use our Tour Creator to build up to 10 tours with 20 locations that feature text, photo and audio content that you design. We store up to 50MB for you. Purchase more space when you need it or upgrade to one of our other plans with lots more features for power sellers and destination marketing organizations.

Social Sharing

Facebook App screenshotShare your tours on the most popular social network using our Facebook Application or on GeoTour Xchange where visitors can search for tours using a variety of keywords and criteria. Your customers can download your tour right from the tour screen or custom create a tour for themselves by choosing points from your various tours, then downloading to a variety of supported mobile devices.

Tracking & Reporting

When someone downloads your tour you will get an email notification and have access to reports that identify the popularity of your tour. If you are selling your tours, your report will tell you how much you have sold and how much money will be coming to you when we cut your check at the end of the month.

Additional Features
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