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Fall Foliage New Hampshire Tour
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Location White Mountains, New Hampshire # Locations 29
Media Audio, Text, & Pictures Tour Type Driving Category Road Trip
Tags Fall Foliage, White Mountains, Guided Audio Tour
Description Take a scenic fall foliage tour through the White Mountains Region of New Hampshire. This tour includes dining, shopping, and hotel recommendations.
Created By on 9/10/2009
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Anonymous  (12 years ago)

it's instant

Turn left onto Route 16 towards North Conway
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After the village, turn left at the second set of lights to stay on Route 16 and the ...(more)

Lat: 43.978748 Lon: -71.118851
Turn onto Route 3
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At the intersection of Routes 3 and 302, be sure to turn left onto Route 3 in order t...(more)

Lat: 44.270126 Lon: -71.540308
Bretton Woods
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Bretton Woods, the state's largest ski area, is also open to mountain biking, horseba...(more)

Lat: 44.260332 Lon: -71.458333
Flume and Silver Cascades
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During times of high water, this waterfall can be dramatic, with whitecaps rushing ov...(more)

Lat: 44.206446 Lon: -71.403374
C.L. Graham Overlook
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Some of the more popular areas to view the scenery are at the Lincoln Woods, the Hanc...(more)

Lat: 44.023388 Lon: -71.492094
Cleveland Overlook
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Cleveland Overlook overlooks the mountain named after former president Grover Clevela...(more)

Lat: 44.240805 Lon: -71.655716
Entering Crawford Notch
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Crawford Notch State Park is home to some of New England's most dramatic scenery.

Lat: 44.146744 Lon: -71.365417
Echo Lake Beach
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Echo Lake Beach on your left is a can't-miss sight, where visitors can enjoy the beau...(more)

Lat: 44.178433 Lon: -71.696112
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Jackson is a sleepy New England village, that exudes a small town charm.

Lat: 44.142037 Lon: -71.185537
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At Loon Mountain, visitors can enjoy a gondola sky ride and witness spectacular views...(more)

Lat: 44.057668 Lon: -71.634416
Lower Falls
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Lower Falls is a popular swimming spot with water rushing down the rocks of the Swift...(more)

Lat: 44.015886 Lon: -71.245958
Mt Washington Hotel
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Surrounded by nearly 800,000 acres of the White Mountain National Forest, the Mount W...(more)

Lat: 44.2545 Lon: -71.449479
North Conway
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At the heart of Mt Washington Valley, you'll find the North Conway Village, a quaint,...(more)

Lat: 44.052318 Lon: -71.127053
Crawford Notch
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At Crawford Notch, park in the designated lot at the left-hand side of the road. Cros...(more)

Lat: 44.206457 Lon: -71.403379
Rocky Gorge
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Stop and relax at Rocky Gorge, or Lower Falls, which is a popular summer swimming spo...(more)

Lat: 44.002055 Lon: -71.277613
Sabbaday Falls
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Sabbaday Falls is one of the more popular spots for hiking along the highway. Follow ...(more)

Lat: 43.997261 Lon: -71.392805
Settler's Green
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At Settler's Green Outlet Village, find more than 60 outlet stores "tax free" includi...(more)

Lat: 44.022744 Lon: -71.116603
Willey House
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This is a fantastic picnic area, situated on Willey Pond, with spectacular views of t...(more)

Lat: 44.182634 Lon: -71.398857
Cannon Aerial Tranway
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The Cannon Tramway takes visitors to a sweeping view at the summit of Mount Cannon.

Lat: 44.171468 Lon: -71.687154
The Basin
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At the base of the waterfall – a 10 minute walk from the parking area - is a granite ...(more)

Lat: 44.123516 Lon: -71.682588
Bear Notch Road (seasonal)
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After the Russell-Colbath House, be aware there is a turn for Bear Notch Road. This l...(more)

Lat: 43.993633 Lon: -71.330259
The Flume
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Discovered in 1808, the Flume is a natural gorge extending 800 feet at the base of Mo...(more)

Lat: 44.107137 Lon: -71.684626
Entering Kancamagus Highway
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This 34 ½-mile stretch between Lincoln and Conway boats a great number of scenic vist...(more)

Lat: 44.03702 Lon: -71.676589
Clark's Trading Post/Indian Head
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For 50 cents at the Indian Head Resort, you can climb the rickety, towering staircase...(more)

Lat: 44.087771 Lon: -71.68354
Intervale Overlook
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The Intervale Overlook is a fine place to view the ledges and Moat Mountains. There i...(more)

Lat: 44.074966 Lon: -71.140239
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Turn left off the approaching exit, Exit 34 C, to witness a spectacular view of the l...(more)

Lat: 44.181749 Lon: -71.689632
Trail detour - The town of Jackson
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If you'd like to take a quick detour at this juncture, follow 16 for three miles and ...(more)

Lat: 44.1109 Lon: -71.177501
Turn left onto Route 16 leading to Conway
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At the end of Route 112, take a left onto Route 16, which leads into Conway and North...(more)

Lat: 43.984193 Lon: -71.141005
Welcome to the White Mountains Trail GPS tour
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Over the next 100 miles or so, you will witness some of the most breathtaking scenery...(more)

Lat: 43.985559 Lon: -71.674998