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John F. Kennedy's Boston
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Location Boston, MA # Locations 16
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Tags JFK, Boston, John F. Kennedy
Description Some historic sites frequented by the late President John F. Kennedy. This list was compiled by The Boston Globe in May, 2009.
Created By on 5/19/2009
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Anonymous  (6 years ago)

JFK house was great. 6 bucks is nothing.

Anonymous  (11 years ago)

For those of you, who don't want to shell out 6 bucks for this, here's the map:

Anonymous  (12 years ago)

$6 for a tour without audio and pretty short text, available on Google. Hmmm...

Anonymous  (13 years ago)

Great tour. However, there is more than one Bowdoin Street in Boston. To see the one JFK listed as his voting address, search google for 122 Bowdoin St, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts 02108.

Weld Hall, Harvard University
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During John F. Kennedy's freshman year, he lived in Weld Hall behind Harvard Yard's w...(more)

Winthrop House, Harvard University
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This is the Harvard University dormitory President Kennedy stayed in as an upper clas...(more)

Kennedy School of Government
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The park adjacent to the Kennedy School of Government in Cambridge features a fountai...(more)

79 JFK Street Cambridge, MA
JFK's Birthplace
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John F. Kennedy's lifelong journey to the White House began in a green clapboard hous...(more)

83 Beals St., Brookline, MA
Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway
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The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, a ribbon of parkland that replaces the scar lef...(more)

Birthplace of Rose Kennedy
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This was the site where Rose Kennedy was born. Look for the historical marker mounted...(more)

4 Garden Court, Boston, MA
St. Stephen's Church
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St. Stephen's Church, in the shadow of the famous steeple of the Old North Church in ...(more)

401 Hanover St, Boston
Union Oyster House
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JFK enjoyed trekking up the stairs of the Union Oyster House and settling into booth ...(more)

Former Old West Church
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On a chilly Election Day morning in 1960, JFK and Jackie cast their ballots in the ba...(more)

131 Cambridge Street, Boston, MA
Massachusetts State House
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After he was elected president, JFK delivered another eloquent oration to the Massach...(more)

1 Ashburton Place, Boston, MA
Former Hotel Bellevue
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When Kennedy decided in 1946 to run for the Congress, he moved to Boston and rented a...(more)

21 Beacon Street, Boston, MA
Parker House Hotel
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According to lore, a six-year-old JFK gave his first “political speech” at the Pa...(more)

Locke Ober
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Locke-Ober, the traditional lair of Boston's power brokers, was also a favorite dinin...(more)

3 Winter Place, Boston
John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum
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The JFK Library honors the life of the fallen president, including a replica of the O...(more)

Columbia Point, Dorchester, MA
Kennedy's voting address
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Located between a coffee shop and a barber, is the entrance to 122 Bowdoin St., which...(more)

122 Bowdoin Street, Boston, MA
Doyles' Cafe
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Political memorabilia lines the walls of Doyle's Cafe, Boston's premier political wat...(more)

3484 Washington St., Jamaica Plain