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Pearl Harbor 1941
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Location Oahu, Hawaii # Locations 12
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Tags United States, USA, Hawaii, Oahu, Pearl Harbor, 1941, Day of Infamy, USS Arizona, Honolulu
Description On December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor. In complete suprise, the attackers wrecked a fleet battle ships, crippled harbor infrastructure, and prevented immediate retailaition by bombing all the airports on Ohau. It was the event that united the American people to fight against a common enemy and to enter the second world-wide war. Today, monuments of the carnage testify to the destruction Pearl Harbor. Download this GPS tour of significant locations in "The Day of Infamy."
Created By My Community Maps on 11/21/2008
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NPS Visitors Center
Begin your tour at the USS Arizona Visitors Center operated by National Park Service.

Opana Radar Station
07:02 - Operators at Opana Radar Station detect unidentified aircraft.

Fort Shafter
07:10 - Radar operators attempted to notify headquarters at Ft. Shafter but the Signa...(more)

Wheeler Field
07:51 - Wheeler Field was attacked by the Japanese to twart retailliation.

Kaneohe Bay NAS
07:53 - Six Japanese war birds attack Kaneoe Navel Air Station

Hickam Field
07:55 - Dive Bombers attack Hickam Field.

USS Utah Memorial
07:56 - The USS Utah moored at a training slip was hit by torpedos. Today you can vi...(more)

Pearl Harbor NAS
07:58 - "Air Raid, Pearl Habor" boadcast on radio frequencies from Ford Island Comman...(more)

USS Arizona Memorial
08:05 - Bombs dropped on the Arizona.

USS Missouri
08:05 - Near this location, the USS Oklahoma sank from Japanese torpedo hits. Today,...(more)

Bellows Field AFS
08:25 - B-17C bombers inbound from California, arrieved in Hickman Field airspace dur...(more)

Naval Hospital Site (1941)
09:00 - The Nevada, badly damaged, defiently heads to open sea but is attacked in the...(more)