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Mammoth Cave National Park
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Location Edmondson, Kentucky # Locations 32
Media Audio, Text, & Pictures Tour Type Driving Category National Park
Tags Mammoth Cave, National Park, Hiking, Biking, Trails, Sightseeing, Road Trip, Vacation, Canoeing, Float trips,
Description This Tour Guide is for sale. You can own all 10 Gatewa... Turn key $4900.00 Gateway Tour Guide. Mammoth Cave National Park; Learn about the parks history, and geology, discover scenic hiking trails, and some of the most wondrous, and mysterious caves in the country.
Created By GateWay Audio Tour Guide on 11/19/2008
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Mammoth Cave National Park Entrance
Show This audio is dedicated to providing useful information, on Mamm...(more)

Explored Chambers
Show Mammoth Cave National Park is the world's longest cave syste...(more)

Mammoth Cave
Show The first human to enter Mammoth Cave passed under its impressiv...(more)

Cedar Sink
Show At the valley bottom, a massive sinkhole has developed, called C...(more)

Cedar Sink Trail
Show Cedar Sink Trail is 0.8 miles. This is a short easy hike to the ...(more)

Houchins Ferry
Show There are a small number of wooded, primitive campsites availabl...(more)

McCoy Hollow Trail
Show The McCoy Hollow Trail heads in the opposite direction, followin...(more)

Good Spring Church
Show Good Springs Baptist Church was established in 1842.

Buffalo Trail
Show Buffalo Trail is an easy 2.8 mile one way hike. The trail is lin...(more)

Sal Hollow
Show Sal Hollow Trail, a nine-mile jaunt past a wild cave, sinkholes...(more)

Green River Ferry
Show Beginning at the Green River Ferry and ending at Houchins Ferry...(more)

Black Power
Show Nitre was found in the caves. Put through a simple process,it r...(more)

Visitor Center
Show The Mammoth Cave National Park Visitor Center offers a booksto...(more)

Picnic area
Show Native Americans of the Early Woodland period, gathered minerals...(more)

Mammoth Cave Entrance
Show Visit the large passage referred to by early cave explorers as M...(more)

Great Onyx Cave
Show Even before the creation of this national park, the private own...(more)

Crystal Cave
Show The early expeditions proved conclusively, that passages in Cry...(more)

Dennison Ferry
Show Dennison Ferry Campground has four sites, equipped with picnic ...(more)

White Oak Trail
Show White Oak Trail will take you to a campsite, which sits above th...(more)

Green River Ferry
Show For a leisurely, close- up view of the dramatic bluffs and majes...(more)

Frozen Niagara
Show Frozen Niagara ; Walk through this fairyland of formations to le...(more)

Frozen Niagara/Sand Cave
Show The road to the left will take you to the Sand Cave Trail. This ...(more)

Sand Cave Trail
Show Sand Cave Trail is only 0.1 miles long. This short trail lea...(more)

New Madrid Earthquake
GatewayTourGuide. com In the years 1811 through 1812, an earthquake of a magnitude...(more)

International Biosphere Reserve
Show Mammoth Cave National Park was authorized as a national park...(more)

Mammoth Dome
GatewayTourGuide .com In Mammoth's vast subterranean world, there are giant vertica...(more)

Great Onyx Job Corp
Show The Job Corps serves youth, ages 16 through 24.

Collie Ridge Trail
Show When you reach the Lincoln Trailhead, you can access the Collie...(more)

Maple Springs Ranger Station
Show Maple Springs has four campsites, which are Equestrian sites, w...(more)

Houchins Ferry Turn
Show Head north on Houchins Ferry to visit the Houchins Ferry and cam...(more)

To Mammoth Cave Wildlife Museum
Show Head East on hwy 70 about one quarter mile, and you will come t...(more)

Mammoth Cave Wildlife Museum
Show The Mammoth Cave Wildlife Museum is a 14,000 sq foot exhibit ar...(more)