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Irish Heritage Trail
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Location Boston, Mass. # Locations 20
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Tags boston irish heritage trail, things to do in boston, boston attractions, free things to do in boston
Description Explore more than 300 years of the impact Irish-Americans have had on Boston.
Created By on 3/15/2011
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Rose Kennedy Greenway
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Officially dedicated to the late mother of President John F. Kennedy in 2004, this mi...(more)

Kevin White Statue
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Kevin White, Boston's 45th mayor, presided over some of the most prolific and difficu...(more)

James Michael Curley Statues
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James Michael Curley served in elected office in Massachusetts for nearly half a cent...(more)

Boston City Hall
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The position of mayor was held by an Irish-American for 85 years during the 1900's, i...(more)

Boston Irish Famine Memorial
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To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Irish potato famine, which brought 100,00...(more)

Central Burial Grounds
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The cemetery is said to include the remains of American patriots from the Battle of B...(more)

Colonel Shaw Memorial
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The Colonial Robert Shaw Memorial, which depicts the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Inf...(more)

Massachusetts State House
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Many items of Irish significance can be found in and around the Massachusetts State H...(more)

Soldiers and Sailors Monument
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Unveiled on the Boston Common in 1876, this monument was erected in memory of foot so...(more)

Commodore John Barry Memorial
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Born in Ireland in 1745, Commodore John Barry is widely regarded as the father of the...(more)

Boston Massacre Memorial
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This monument was created in remembrance of the five victims of the Boston Massacre, ...(more)

Old Granary Burying Grounds
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Among the most notable Irish residents buried here are John Hancock, Governor James S...(more)

Colonel Thomas Cass Statue
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Thomas Cass was an Irish-born businessman who was put in charge of forming the Ninth ...(more)

David I. Walsh Statue
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Years before John F. Kennedy became the nation's first Irish-Catholic president, ther...(more)

Maurice Tobin Statue
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Maurice Tobin is yet another ground breaking Irish-American politician in Boston's hi...(more)

Patrick Collins Memorial
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John S. Copley Statue
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Remembered as America's first great portrait artist, John Singleton Copley, born in B...(more)

Boston Public Library
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The Irish collection at the Boston Public Library, established in 1848, has grown to ...(more)

John Boyle O'Reilly Memorial
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Before he arrived in Boston in 1870, John Boyle O'Reilly was arrested and sentenced t...(more)

Fenway Park
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Fenway Park, one of Boston's most famous landmarks, was built in 1912 by Charles E. L...(more)