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1. MPT Gleesons
Our starting point is of course Gleeson's Townhouse and Restaurant right in the centr...(more)

The Manse, The Square, Roscommon Town.
Lat: 53.631076 Lon: -8.190908
2. MPT Eamonn's introduction
Eamonn tells us a bit about Mote Park by way of introduction. There way well be a bit...(more)

Lat: 53.62739 Lon: -8.188165
3. MPT: Turn left for Lodge
Just after the golf club is a turn left which is effectively the start of the old Cro...(more)

Lat: 53.618023 Lon: -8.182347
4. MPT. Legacy trees
Landlords were always keen to leave mementos of themselves and planting trees was one...(more)

Lat: 53.615143 Lon: -8.179622
5. MPT Derrydonnell wood
The name of the wood in Irish denotes that a great oak wood once stood here, along wi...(more)

Lat: 53.609771 Lon: -8.174429
6. MPT PULL OVER #1 after Derrydonnell bridge
Immediately after going over the arched Derrydonnell Bridge, there is a place to pull...(more)

Lat: 53.601712 Lon: -8.162627
7. MPT PULL OVER #1 at The Mill
As mentioned in Point of Interest 6, walk the short distance from where you are parke...(more)

Lat: 53.601376 Lon: -8.162284
8. MPT PULL OVER #2 the Stables
Traveling back to your bicycle or car, we'll be carrying on through another wooded ar...(more)

Lat: 53.599366 Lon: -8.158647
8a MPT Turn left
John has plenty to tell us of this area, including what exactly a ha ha was. Ensure y...(more)

Lat: 53.598764 Lon: -8.157756
9. MPT PULL OVER #3 Mote Park today
There's ample space on the left to pull over after the T junction and considering the...(more)

Lat: 53.599904 Lon: -8.156061
10. MPT Ballymurray wood
After seeing what became of Mote Park, we move on into Ballymurray wood, marked down ...(more)

Mote Park Heritage Walkway, Mote Park.
Phone: +353906627361
Lat: 53.600925 Lon: -8.143476
11. MPT Turn right onto N61
Having continued on through the wood, you'll be making your way to the T junction and...(more)

Lat: 53.600846 Lon: -8.129153
12. MPT TURN RIGHT for School
In order to make this right turn, you'll need to indicate with plenty of notice, slow...(more)

Lat: 53.592658 Lon: -8.12336
13. MPT Turn right for hill ascent
Once we make this right turn, we will be moving slowly up the hill to get to Kilmaine...(more)

Lat: 53.579576 Lon: -8.121665
14 and 17 MPT Turn right
14. As you make your way up this gentle gradient, be looking out for a green shed on ...(more)

Lat: 53.582562 Lon: -8.139115
15. MPT Pre Lion
This narrow road leads you to a lion in the middle of field and as such, is a wonderf...(more)

Lat: 53.582604 Lon: -8.139146
16. MPT Mote Park Lion
Much like the 'two vast and trunkless legs of stone' in Ozymandias, the Mote Park lio...(more)

Lat: 53.590314 Lon: -8.143026
18. MPT Turn right for cemetery
The right turn off for Kilmaine cemetery is not sign posted nor are there are road si...(more)

Lat: 53.583194 Lon: -8.1528
19. MPT pre Kilmaine
What this track may lack in finish, it makes up for in terms of scenery. Enjoy the be...(more)

Lat: 53.585289 Lon: -8.153082
20. MPT Kilmaine cemetery
This ancient graveyard predates the Reformation and has both Catholics and Protestant...(more)

Lat: 53.587321 Lon: -8.153207
21. MPT post Kilmaine
This is the ancient church site of Kilmaine and the burial site of the Croftons in a ...(more)

Lat: 53.587117 Lon: -8.153143
22. MPT Kilmaine
John Kerrigan gives us an exclusive in our audio piece where he tells us of what he b...(more)

Lat: 53.587215 Lon: -8.153533
23. MPT Fear Breagues
A Fear breague translates from Irish as a false man or a scarecrow. as we start our d...(more)

Lat: 53.582901 Lon: -8.155557
24. MPT Downhill
The cyclists among you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour in cycling, or...(more)

Lat: 53.582264 Lon: -8.164258
26. MPT Mote Park legacy
Isaac Weld description of Mote Park, RDS publications 1832: - 'The house which stands...(more)

Lat: 53.584735 Lon: -8.176575
27. MPT Lisadurn House
As we make our way back to Roscommon, we hear from Eamonn on the legacy of the Crofto...(more)

Lat: 53.591066 Lon: -8.179407
28. MPT Memories
As we make our way back into Roscommon, john reminisces on earlier childhood memories...(more)

Lat: 53.607072 Lon: -8.180265
29. MPT: Back to Gleesons
'For me it is history, I suppose, but for my father it was a catastrophe, being the g...(more)

Lat: 53.61709 Lon: -8.183334
30. MPT Wrap up
We have completed a tour of the Crofton estate and are now on our back to Gleesons. W...(more)

Lat: 53.624956 Lon: -8.186671