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1. SBT: Gleesons
Our starting point is of course Gleeson's Townhouse and Restaurant right in the centr...(more)

The Square, Roscommon.
Phone: +353906626954
Email: info@gleesonstownhouse.com
URL: www.gleesonstownhouse.com
Lat: 53.63107 Lon: -8.191029
2. SBT Sliabh Ban's history
We start you off on this trail with a little bit about how the mountain, such as it i...(more)

Lat: 53.637069 Lon: -8.170481
3. SBT: Turn left/old Shannon path
After the long drive on the N63 Lanesborough Road, we are turning left towards Sliabh...(more)

Lat: 53.652943 Lon: -8.109369
4. SBT: Kilderry crossroads
This can be a busy enough crossroads so please stop and go straight on only when the ...(more)

Lat: 53.708888 Lon: -8.097503
5. SBT: Turn right/Otherworld
As you turn right and begin your climb to the mountain, we tell you of the Otherworld...(more)

Lat: 53.730372 Lon: -8.094585
6. SBT Turn right/getting lost
In front of you is the car park which is where you will be returning to after your lo...(more)

Lat: 53.731451 Lon: -8.072548
7. SBT Strange happenings
As you start your ascent, we start to tell you of some strange sight and sounds of th...(more)

Lat: 53.723834 Lon: -8.075294
8. SBT Kings and famines
In our audio piece, we explain what exactly Sliabh Ban means and no, it does not mean...(more)

Lat: 53.716622 Lon: -8.076668
9. SBT The Banshee
Upon taking a left, we tell you about one of the more famous residents of the area, t...(more)

Lat: 53.71327 Lon: -8.070381
10. SBT Black cats
You will be turning left at this T-junction. Black cats are commonly associated with ...(more)

Lat: 53.714654 Lon: -8.06684
11. SBT: Turn left/forestry
Eamonn tells us why the mountain is festooned with coniferous trees.

Lat: 53.724761 Lon: -8.067377
12 and 14. SBT Cross Turn
This is one of the few right turns you will be taking in order to get to the summit a...(more)

Lat: 53.726881 Lon: -8.07013
13 SBT: Holy Cross summit
This is as high as it gets in Roscommon! Apparently you can see 14 counties from Slia...(more)

Lat: 53.728831 Lon: -8.06715
15. SBT Tale
In our audio piece, we explain how a swan flying over your head is not a good thing i...(more)

Lat: 53.728176 Lon: -8.070188
16. SBT: Ancient games
It may not look like the ideal venue for games, but in days of yore, the mountain was...(more)

Lat: 53.731768 Lon: -8.062613
17. SBT: Crossroads
At the crossroads, you can go right to get to the ruined church. Once done, you will ...(more)

Lat: 53.734599 Lon: -8.06154
18. SBT: OPTIONAL Ruined church
The path to the ruined church is for walking only - no bikes and really, don;t even t...(more)

Lat: 53.728658 Lon: -8.054996
19 SBT: View of Connacht
As you descend the mountain, you'll be looking out over the province of Connacht wher...(more)

Lat: 53.733917 Lon: -8.067503
20. SBT: Luke Gibbon's pub
After all that excitement, you will deserve nothing more than a few creamy pints in L...(more)

Lat: 53.735233 Lon: -8.09201