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Strong tide to Ferrypoint
From your starting point, you can see Ferrypoint across the way - it may look close b...(more)

Strength of the Blackwater
Mick Hackett tells us a bit more about the comings and goings of the flow itself and ...(more)

Youghal Bridge
Rarely has a bridge had such a colourful history as this one. Hear legendary local Mi...(more)

In 1183 Raymond le Gros established a Preceptory of Knights Templar at Rhincrew, an o...(more)

Molana Abbey
We let Tony tell you about the Knights Templar's association in the area on the audio...(more)

Seismic Changes to the River
The course of the river has changed dramatically over the years. Hear Tony explain ho...(more)

Sold Down the River
Tony tells us of how Walter Raleigh sold the Blackwater to Richard Boyle - how many a...(more)

Beware of Red Headed Women
Mick Hackett tells us about one of the curious superstitions connected with the river...(more)

Meandering of the River
Hear Peter tell us a bit more about how the river starts to meander here.

Dromore View
Just inland from the river at this point, Peter describes the scene from Dromore - a ...(more)

Kiltera Standing Stones
Not actually in view from the river are the Kiltera standing stones. With tongue slig...(more)

Villierstown was founded by the Villiers-Stuart family, from where the name is derive...(more)

Strancally Castle
With a fine view of Strancally castle, Peter tells us about how the locals thought th...(more)

Nearby Dromana was home to Katherine FitzGerald, Countess of Desmond (died 1604) was ...(more)

Dromana Gate Lodge
Home to Ireland's only Hindu Gothic gate lodge from circa 1830 and also of the Battle...(more)

The Greatorex
Valentine Greatrakes (14 February 1628 - 28 November 1683), also known as 'Greatorex'...(more)

Cappoquin nestles at the foot of the Knockmealdown mountains in the Blackwater valley...(more)

Cappoquin bridge
Site of that most famous dogleg where the river suddenly decides to head a sharp sout...(more)

The Henley of Ireland
See the 'Henley of Ireland' and the site of where the Lismore to London train used to...(more)

A famous Lismore resident, travel writer Dervla Murphy, wrote in her book 'Wheels wit...(more)

The Boyles of Lismore
Richard Boyle came to Ireland from England in 1588 with only twenty-seven pounds in c...(more)