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Location Inishowen, County Donegal, Ireland # Locations 104
Media Pictures & Text Descriptions Tour Type Driving Category Road Trip
Description Malin Head View B&B's Elma Toland is proud to offer you an app with details of all places you'll ever need to see and find in the vast peninsula of Inishowen. With this app, you can now find all of the activities and attractions to make your trip to Inishowen a success. The hidden gems, the legends and the offbeat of this unique region are also indicated. Simply download all of the material on to your GPS device and have a great time. Feel free to call Elma on her landlineor her mobile NOTE: Please note that the tour is subject to acceptance of our Licence
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Ancient monument
Bocan Stone Circle
You might be best to park your car by the houses before the to-be-avoided-by-car dirt...(more)

Category: Ancient monument
Bocan Stone Circle, Bocan, Between Culdaff and Gleneely, off the R238
Lat: 55.272211 Lon: -7.1481
Cloncha Church
This 17th century church is on the site of the 6th century church built by St. Boudan...(more)

Category: Ancient monument
Cloncha church, Claggan, Inishowen.
Lat: 55.267801 Lon: -7.17357
Cooley Cross
The cross stands on what is believed to be the entrance to the monastery established ...(more)

Category: Ancient monument
Cooley, Near Moville, Inishowen.
Lat: 55.188828 Lon: -7.061623
Morten God Dolmen
With a capstone weighing some 30 tons, this is an imposing stomb, one that would been...(more)

Category: Ancient monument
Just off Iskaheen Park, Iskaheen.
Lat: 55.089531 Lon: -7.294965
St Mura's Cross
Fahan graveyard is the site of St. Mura's cross as well as the graves of Agnes Jones,...(more)

Category: Ancient monument
St Mura's Cross, Fahan graveyard, Inishowen.
Lat: 55.08321 Lon: -7.4612
St. Patrick's/Donagh Cross
Home to the 7th century Donagh Cross just off from the Buncrana road, believed to be ...(more)

Category: Ancient monument
Church Road, Carndonagh.
Lat: 55.249991 Lon: -7.27207
Temple Of Deen
Stop and park before the dirt track - your car will thank you. What remains is only t...(more)

Category: Ancient monument
Temple of Deen, Laraghirril, Between Culdaff & Gleneely, off the R238.
Lat: 55.266821 Lon: -7.15695
Glengad Head
Spinning for Pollack and mackerel (in season). Float fishing for wrasse and coalfish.

Category: Angling
Lat: 55.330159 Lon: -7.17227
Malin Head
Access to several outcrops on Northern Shore. Fishing for Pollack, coalfish, wrasse,...(more)

Category: Angling
Lat: 55.374746 Lon: -7.395215
Portmore Pier
Spinning and float fishing for coalfish, Pollack and mackerel in season. Bottom fishi...(more)

Category: Angling
Lat: 55.372027 Lon: -7.334704
Tremone Bay
Rock fishing at western end for pollack and wrasse. Beach fishing for dogfish, floun...(more)

Category: Angling
Lat: 55.272124 Lon: -7.070475
Arts & crafts
Glendowen Craft Studio
Glendowen Craft Studio specialises in Donegal tweed garments and accessories, which a...(more)

Category: Arts & crafts
Meentagh Glen, Outside of Clonmany on the Buncrana Road.
Phone: +353749376265
Alt Phone: +353879806948
Email: ann@glendowen.com
URL: www.glendowen.com/
Lat: 55.234691 Lon: -7.39823
Carrickabraghey Castle
On a large rock, named the Friar's Rock in the Isle of Doagh, stands the forlorn ruin...(more)

Category: Attractions
At the end of Pollan Strand, Doagh.
Lat: 55.315666 Lon: -7.370968
Glenevin Waterfall
The spectacular Glenevin waterfall is located between Straid and Crossconnel, 2km fro...(more)

Category: Attractions
Glenevin waterfall, Straid, Near Clonmany.
Lat: 55.26754 Lon: -7.435727
Grianan of Aileach
Grianan of Aileach, the stonehouse of the sun. According to legend, it was built by D...(more)

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Category: Attractions
Old Church Visitor Centre, Speenoge, Burt.
Phone: +353749368900
Email: info@oldchurchvisitorcentre.com
URL: www.oldchurchvisitorcentre.com/
Lat: 55.02526 Lon: -7.424698
Northburgh Castle
The greatest castle on the peninsula is located on a rock platform, which rises out o...(more)

Category: Attractions
Just outside of Greencastle.
Lat: 55.205656 Lon: -6.97619
St. Aengus's Church
At the bottom of the road leading up to Grianan of Aileach is the site to the famous ...(more)

Category: Attractions
Just off N13, Burt.
Lat: 55.039582 Lon: -7.428732
Kinnagoe Bay
One of the hidden gems of the peninsula. To those in the know, there is beautiful bea...(more)

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Category: Beaches
Mossy Glen, Between Greencastle and Tremone.
Lat: 55.25878 Lon: -7.014023
Pollan Strand
Another long breathtaking beach looking out to Glashedy island and with stunning view...(more)

Category: Beaches
Lat: 55.290241 Lon: -7.39077
Bed & breakfast
Linsfort Castle
The place to base yourself when staying by Lough Swilly and Buncrana. Alan & Brigeen ...(more)

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Category: Bed & breakfast
Disertegney, near Buncrana.
Phone: +353749363148
Email: info@linsfortcastle.com
URL: www.linsfortcastle.com
Lat: 55.17121 Lon: -7.50103
Malin Head View B&B
Located on the Inishowen 100 Scenic Route overlooking some of the most beautiful and ...(more)

Category: Bed & breakfast
Ballygorman, Malin Head.
Phone: +353749370115
Alt Phone: +353868138272
Email: stay@malinhead.ie
URL: www.malinhead.ie
Lat: 55.363691 Lon: -7.31576
White Strand
Our neighbours, Whitestrand B&B is situated overlooking the Whitestrand Bay. It is tw...(more)

Category: Bed & breakfast
Mary Houghton Crega, Ballygorman, Malin Head.
Phone: +353749370335
Email: enquiries@whitestrand.net
URL: www.whitestrand.net
Lat: 55.353811 Lon: -7.34082
Bike hire
Cycle Inishowen
Bike hire and guided cycle tours of Inishowen, available daily from 17th March to 30t...(more)

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Category: Bike hire
8 Chapel Street, Carndonagh.
Phone: +353879722532
Alt Phone: +353749374856
Email: info@cycleinishowen.com
URL: www.cycleinishowen.com
Lat: 55.250591 Lon: -7.261877
Blanket Nook
An excellent site for wildfowl and waders. Best birds are smew (drake and redheads) w...(more)

Category: Birdwatching
Grange, South of Burt.
Lat: 55.022709 Lon: -7.514305
Inch Island Embankment
Inch Lake held lots of wildfowl including Smew. The lake comes into its own at dusk w...(more)

Category: Birdwatching
Inch Island Embankment, Prior to Inch Island bridge.
Lat: 55.062767 Lon: -7.454964
Inch Wildlife Reserve
With good parking facilities, a few designated hides along the way and 8km of walkway...(more)

Category: Birdwatching
Inch Level, Near Burt.
Lat: 55.051728 Lon: -7.443967
Inistrahull Island
This unique island, the oldest rock in Ireland at some 1.8 BILLION years, is a declar...(more)

Category: Birdwatching
Garvin isles, Off Malin Head.
Lat: 55.432812 Lon: -7.233124
Trawbreaga Bay
Species spotted in this bay include teal, wigeon, lapwing, ringed plover, shelduck an...(more)

Category: Birdwatching
Just before Malin bridge.
Lat: 55.292447 Lon: -7.260032
Blue Flag Beach
Culdaff Beach
Long sandy beach with Culdaff estuary on the left and rocky Dunmore head on the right...(more)

Category: Blue Flag Beach
Culdaff beach, Culdaff, Inishowen
Lat: 55.29329 Lon: -7.149096
Lisfannon Strand
South of Buncrana and overshadowed by Inch Top on the left, this is very popular with...(more)

Category: Blue Flag Beach
Lat: 55.09863 Lon: -7.47829
Stroove Beach
Great Blue Flag beach just around the corner where Lough Foyle enters the Atlantic.

Category: Blue Flag Beach
2km north of Greencastle.
Lat: 55.22702 Lon: -6.92888
Buncrana Festival Park
A great public park by the shores of Lough Swilly, across from the Leisure Centre.

Category: Children
Grianan Park, Buncrana.
Lat: 55.132171 Lon: -7.46245
Culdaff Playground
A childrens' playground by the sand dunes of Culdaff's Blue Flag beach.

Category: Children
Shore Road, culdaff.
Lat: 55.29241 Lon: -7.146521
Where the fun begins! Leisureland is recognised as one of Ireland's leading Indoor Fu...(more)

Category: Children
Next to the Redcastle Carlton Hotel.
Phone: +353749382306
Email: info@leisurelandredcastle.ie
URL: www.leisurelandredcastle.ie
Lat: 55.1604 Lon: -7.12235
Moville Playground
Playground by the shores of Lough Foyle, just by the tennis courts.

Category: Children
James's Street, Moville.
Lat: 55.187934 Lon: -7.039275
Pollan Beach Playground
Playground in the car park for Pollan beach in Ballyliffin.

Category: Children
Shore Road, Ballyliffin.
Lat: 55.290241 Lon: -7.39077
Wains World
"Wain" or sometimes 'wean' up these ways means child (wee one) and the good news is t...(more)

Category: Children
Unit 10, Milltown business park, Buncrana.
Phone: +353749322450
Email: info@wainsworld.ie
URL: www.wainsworld.ie
Lat: 55.13228 Lon: -7.447615
Clonmany Festival
A somewhat unique festival in that it has always catered for the entire family, with ...(more)

Category: Entertainment
Main Street, Cloinmany.
Phone: +353749376477
Email: :info@clonmanyfestival.com
URL: www.clonmanyfestival.com
Lat: 55.262735 Lon: -7.411308
Colgan Hall
On the corner of New Road/Mill Brae, every form of entertainment is available at Carn...(more)

Category: Entertainment
Mill Brae, Carndonagh.
Phone: +353749329377
Email: colganhall1914@eircom.net
URL: www.colganhall.com/
Lat: 55.249641 Lon: -7.26338
The Cairn
Patsy Cavanagh is your host for some quality Inishowen entertainment. The Cairn is s...(more)

Category: Entertainment
Upper road, Greencastle.
Phone: +353749381104
Email: info@thecairncentre.com
URL: www.thecairncentre.com
Lat: 55.205276 Lon: -6.99151
The Flough
Sam Laird's house, known as The Flough referring to the marshy soil around it, was in...(more)

Category: Entertainment
Lenamore, Outside of Muff.
Phone: +353749384024
Lat: 55.05134 Lon: -7.33154
Food and drink
Caffe Banba
Dominic's permanent base is on the Diamond these days where he serves up the best cof...(more)

Category: Food and drink
The Diamond, Carndonagh.
Phone: +353749370128
Email: info@caffebanba.com
URL: www.caffebanba.com
Lat: 55.251325 Lon: -7.261662
Caffe Banba on tour
Ireland's most northerly mobile coffee shop and bakery ensures that a visit to Malin ...(more)

Category: Food and drink
The Diamond, Carndonagh. and Banba's Crown, Malin Head. (Summertime only)
Phone: +353749370128
Email: info@caffebanba.com
URL: www.caffebanba.com
Lat: 55.381035 Lon: -7.373669
Farren's Bar
You have to visit Ireland's most northerly pub when in the area! Darts, dancing at th...(more)

Category: Food and drink
Slieveban, Ballygorman.
Phone: +353749370128
Alt Phone: +353868042107
Email: aliandmairead@eircom.net
Lat: 55.36851 Lon: -7.33709
Kealys Seafood Bar
Kealy's celebrates 25 years of offering the freshest seafood to its loyal customers i...(more)

Category: Food and drink
Kealys Seafood Bar, The Harbour, Greencastle
Phone: +353749381010
URL: www.kealysseafoodbar.ie/
Lat: 55.203512 Lon: -6.981618
Malin Head Fishermans Co-op
Based at Portmor Pier near Ireland's most northerly point, this Fisherman's Co-op han...(more)

Category: Food and drink
Portmor pier, Ballygorman.
Phone: +353749370240
Lat: 55.372405 Lon: -7.335348
Nancy's Barn
Authentic old-style converted cottage/barn in the heart of the beautiful village of B...(more)

Category: Food and drink
Shore Road, Ballyliffin
Phone: +353872114239
Email: dohertyduey@gmail.com
URL: dohertydueygmail.com
Lat: 55.280753 Lon: -7.39219
Northern Bites/Saint Mary's Community Hall
Northern Bites is Malin Head's very own coffee shop and information point within the ...(more)

Category: Food and drink
Northern Bites, Saint Mary's Community Hall Ballygorman, Malin Head Co. Donegal
Phone: +353861031199
Email: bkelly37@hotmail.com
Lat: 55.355258 Lon: -7.326336
Seaview Tavern
Ireland's most northerly lounge and restaurant where you can dine overlooking the nor...(more)

Category: Food and drink
Seaview Tavern, Ballygorman, Malin Head.
Phone: +353749370117
Email: info@seaviewtavern.ie
URL: www.seaviewtavern.ie
Lat: 55.367521 Lon: -7.33144
The Beach House
This award-winning eatery would be worthy of a visit for the view alone. Thankfully, ...(more)

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Category: Food and drink
The Pier, Swilly Road, Buncrana
Phone: +353749361050
Email: info@thebeachhouse.ie
URL: www.thebeachhouse.ie/
Lat: 55.128306 Lon: -7.463279
The Chef's Table with Brian McDermott
The 'Chefs Table', located at the Brian McDermott Cookery School is the ultimate priv...(more)

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Category: Food and drink
Carrownaffe, Outside of Moville, Inishowen
Phone: +353749385921
Email: brian@thenosaltchef.com
URL: https://www.thenosaltchef...
Lat: 55.188025 Lon: -7.056613
Golf course
Ballyliffin Golf Club
Two championship links –The Old Links and Glashedy Links. Ireland's most northerly go...(more)

Category: Golf course
Just outside of Ballyliffin.
Phone: +353749376119
Email: info@ballyliffingolfclub.com
URL: www.ballyliffingolfclub.com
Lat: 55.291711 Lon: -7.37309
Buncrana Municipal Golf Club
Great municipal 9 hole course behind Inishowen Tourist Office & Drift Inn in Buncrana...(more)

Category: Golf course
Behind The Drift Inn, Derry Road, Buncrana.
Phone: +353749362279
Lat: 55.12688 Lon: -7.45769
Cooley Pitch and Putt
Cooley Pitch 'n Putt is an 18 hole course, overlooking the scenic Lough Foyle. Clubs ...(more)

Category: Golf course
Cooley, Outside of Moville.
Phone: +353749382054
Alt Phone: +353868115958
Lat: 55.187082 Lon: -7.061087
Greencastle Golf Club
Scenic 18 hole links course overlooking the mouth of Lough Foyle near Greencastle.

Category: Golf course
The Warren, Greencastle,
Phone: +353749381013
URL: greencastlegolfclub.com/
Lat: 55.21038 Lon: -6.95676
North West Golf Club
Highly regarded historic 18 hole links course with a proud tradition in golfing circles.

Category: Golf course
18 hole links course Derry road, Buncrana.
Phone: +353749381013
Email: info@northwestgolfclub.com
URL: www.northwestgolfclub.com
Lat: 55.11245 Lon: -7.46658
Redcastle Golf Club
9 hole course beside the Redcastle hotel.

Category: Golf course
Redcastle hotel.
Phone: +353749382073
Lat: 55.159136 Lon: -7.123175
Holy well
Malin well/Wee House Of Malin
Holy wells were originally associated with the pagan belief of the sanctity of water,...(more)

Category: Holy well
At the bottom of the road from Malin Head View B&B.
Lat: 55.368141 Lon: -7.31759
St. Eigne's Holy Well/Mamore
At the top of Mamore, you should stop off to view St. Eigne's Holy Well, renowned for...(more)

Category: Holy well
Lat: 55.2338 Lon: -7.49924
Horse riding
Malin Stables
Wide range of activities. Children from four onwards are welcome.

Category: Horse riding
Just outside Malin village.
Phone: +353863839644
Lat: 55.291681 Lon: -7.25876
Sandrock Hostel
Located on the sea front above the pier and slipway overlooking "White Strand Bay", t...(more)

Category: Hostel
Margaret & Rodney Lockwood, Port Ronan, Malin Head
Phone: +353749370289
Email: info@sandrockhostel.com
URL: www.sandrockhostel.com
Lat: 55.361801 Lon: -7.35836
Inishowen 100
This area is on the scenic Inishowen 100 coastal route and you can reach it by drivin...(more)

Category: Inishowen 100
Lat: 55.322601 Lon: -7.184973
Malin Head
Visitors should not miss Banba's Crown Malin Head. It is not just Ireland's most nort...(more)

Category: Inishowen 100
Lat: 55.377196 Lon: -7.36732
Port Ronan
A fine quiet port to the west of Malin Head where you can launch your boat. Check loc...(more)

Category: Marine
Lat: 55.361421 Lon: -7.35817
Swilly Marina
406 berth yacht & boat marina, the first from Coleraine and last until Co. Clare. Wat...(more)

Category: Marine
Fahan, Outside of Buncrana.
Phone: +353749360008
Email: loughswillymarina@eircom.net
Lat: 55.087456 Lon: -7.478256
Clonmany Wildlife Museum
Just outside of Clonmany is the this museum which has preserved wildlife including Ir...(more)

Category: Museum
Gortfad - 2 miles outside of Clonmany.
Phone: +353749376609
Lat: 55.251231 Lon: -7.39559
Doagh Famine Village
This hidden gem is a reconstructed village with great attention to detail. Your affab...(more)

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Category: Museum
Isle of Doagh, Ballyliffin.
Phone: +353749378078
Email: info@doaghfaminevillage.com
URL: www.doaghfaminevillage.com
Lat: 55.308901 Lon: -7.33582
Fort Dunree
By any reckoning, there's a lot to see and take in at this historical military fort, ...(more)

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Category: Museum
Dunree Point, Near Buncrana.
Phone: +3539361817
Email: dunree@eircom.net
URL: www.dunree.pro.ie
Lat: 55.19657 Lon: -7.553117
Inishowen Maritime Museum & Planetarium
The former coastguard station houses a fine collection on the history of local sailin...(more)

Category: Museum
Inishowen maritime museum & planetarium Quayside, Greencastle
Phone: +353749381363
Email: greencastlemaritime@eircom.net
URL: www.inishowenmaritime.com
Lat: 55.20268 Lon: -6.98569
Off beat
Amelia Earhart's landing spot
On the morning of May 20, 1932 the flight pioneer set off from Harbour Grace, Newfoun...(more)

Category: Off beat
Lat: 55.037622 Lon: -7.302966
Druminderry Bridge
Scene of the last fatal duel in Ireland in 1812 when Mr. Bateman was killed by the ri...(more)

Category: Off beat
Druminderry , North of Buncrana.
Lat: 55.15315 Lon: -7.393517
Leon Uris's 'Watering Hole'
In 1976, Leon Uris's epic book, Trinity was published. The book tells the story of th...(more)

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Category: Off beat
Lat: 55.15955 Lon: -7.13419
Monty's Ancestral Home
The now derelict New Park is the ancestral home to Field Marshall Montgomery who spen...(more)

Category: Off beat
New Park, North of Moville.
Lat: 55.19129 Lon: -7.03142
The Curiosity Shop
Overlooking Esky bay just before Malin Head itself, look out for this Peter McAvenue'...(more)

Category: Off beat
Lat: 55.37464 Lon: -7.34891
Far and Wild
Far and Wild is a leading eco-tourism adventure provider in Donegal and Derry. The co...(more)

Category: Outdoors
38 Woodvale Road Eglinton, N.Ireland BT47 3AH
Phone: +447775911198
Email: hello@farandwild.co.uk
URL: www.farandwild.ie
Lat: 55.02234 Lon: -7.180746
Inishowen Boating Company
Sea Angling for whiting, cod, haddock, conger, mackerel, plaice, dog fish, etc.

Category: Outdoors
Bunagee Pier, Near Culdaff.
Phone: +353749370605
Alt Phone: +353862522685
Email: malininfo@inishowenmotors.ie
Lat: 55.299056 Lon: -7.15416
Inishowen Quad Safari
Experience the adrenalin rush of riding easily-handled quad bikes over a variety of t...(more)

Category: Outdoors
Linsfort, outside of Buncrana.
Phone: +353876646346
Lat: 55.17353 Lon: -7.46626
Inishowen Surf School
The summer school has been running from 2004 and has catered for all ages. Some of ...(more)

Category: Outdoors
Inishowen Surf School, Pollan strand, Ballyliffin.
Phone: +353877773323
Email: danielgallanagh@eircom.net
URL: www.inishowensurfschool.com
Lat: 55.294952 Lon: -7.383242
Shark watching at Malin Head
The Irish Times declared in early 2010 that the best place in Ireland to sharkwatch, ...(more)

Category: Outdoors
Lat: 55.380671 Lon: -7.373714
Just outside of Greencastle, this hilltop view offers the most spectacular view of th...(more)

Category: Scenic
Craignamaddy, Near Greencastle, Inishowen.
Lat: 55.232156 Lon: -7.019062
Inishowen Head
Views of the northern coast as far at the Giant's Causeway, Rathlin island and the we...(more)

Category: Scenic
2km north of Greencastle.
Lat: 55.23519 Lon: -6.924133
Knockamany Bens
The view on a good day from Knockamany Bens is without a doubt, one of the best pano...(more)

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Category: Scenic
Knockamany Bens, Lagg, Near Malin, Inishowen.
Lat: 55.327467 Lon: -7.332883
Wild Atlantic Gifts
Shane Glacklin is your host at Wild Atlantic Gifts which offer visitors to Malin Head...(more)

Category: Shopping
Phone: +353831831438
Email: wildatlanticgifts@gmail.com
URL: www.widlatlanticgifts.com
Lat: 55.380915 Lon: -7.3738
Tour guide
Dessie McCallion
Burt-based guide and veritable Inishowen encyclopedia. Dessie must have read every bo...(more)

Category: Tour guide
Phone: +353861080095
Lat: 55.251319 Lon: -7.260697
Dan's Cottage
Every Thursday in July and first two of August from 8pm to 10pm. Contact Eamonn Barr ...(more)

Urrismanagh, Near Dunaff.
Phone: +353749373730
Lat: 55.238812 Lon: -7.45152
McGrory's of Culdaff
The cream of Irish traditional music have all passed through the doors of this landma...(more)

Main Street, Culdaff.
Phone: +353749379104
Email: info@mcgrorys.ie
URL: www.mcgrorys.ie/
Lat: 55.286301 Lon: -7.165618
Wee Ceilidh House of Maghermore
Every Tuesday night from 10pm year round. Tea and sandwiches provided. Free entry. C...(more)

Wee Ceilidh House of Maghermore, just outside of Carndonagh.
Phone: +353749174526
Lat: 55.23951 Lon: -7.27333
Travel & getting around
Buncrana ferry terminal

Category: Travel & getting around
Phone: +353749381901
Email: info@loughfoyleferry.com
URL: www.loughfoyle.com
Lat: 55.12649 Lon: -7.463665
Carndonagh Library
Extra helpful and friendly staff always make a trip here worthwhile. Their reference ...(more)

Category: Travel & getting around
Malin Street, Carndonagh.
Phone: +353749373701
URL: www.donegallibrary.ie/
Lat: 55.252561 Lon: -7.26113
City of Derry Airport
Great regional airport only 50 minutes from Malin Head - you're closer to us than you...(more)

Category: Travel & getting around
Eglinton, Co. Derry.
Phone: +4871810784
URL: www.cityofderryairport.com
Lat: 55.039606 Lon: -7.156091
Derry Tourist Information centre
A great tourist office offering all-Ireland information. Tourist Information Centre ...(more)

Category: Travel & getting around
44 Foyle Street Derry~Londonderry BT48 6AT
Phone: +442871267284
Email: info@derryvisitor.com
URL: www.derryvisitor.com
Lat: 54.99395 Lon: -7.31633
Greencastle ferry terminal
In the tourist season, get across to Northern Ireland and the Causeway Coast with eas...(more)

Category: Travel & getting around
Foyle Ferry, Greencastle pier, Greencastle.
Phone: +353749381901
Email: info@loughfoyleferry.com
URL: www.loughfoyle.com
Lat: 55.20366 Lon: -6.98356
Inishowen Tourism office
When passing through Buncrana, please call in to see Inishowen Tourism and get all th...(more)

Category: Travel & getting around
Inishowen Tourism office, Railway Road, Buncrana.
Phone: +353749362600
Email: info@visitinishowen.com
URL: www.visitinishowen.com
Lat: 55.12828 Lon: -7.45749
Inishowen Tourism sub office
Inishowen Tourism's sub office is based in the council offices where the staff will b...(more)

Category: Travel & getting around
Council offices, Carndonagh.
Phone: + 353749362600
Email: info@visitinishowen.com
URL: www.visitinishowen.com
Lat: 55.25256 Lon: -7.2611
Magilligan ferry terminal
Operated by the Foyle Ferry Co. in Greencastle.

Category: Travel & getting around
Magilligan, Co. Derry.
Phone: +353749381901
Email: info@loughfoyleferry.com
URL: www.loughfoyle.com
Lat: 55.190984 Lon: -6.965182
Binnion WALK
Binnion, Ballyliffin Duration: 2.5hrs Difficulty: Easy/Medium : Grade 2 more)

Category: Walking
Lat: 55.290553 Lon: -7.391911
Inishowen head - WALK
Distance: 8km Time:2-3 hours Difficulty: easy Vantage point at north-eastern tip of I...(more)

Category: Walking
Lat: 55.228142 Lon: -6.931171
Lough Swilly coastal walk
Distance: 12 km Time: 2.5 - 3 hrs Starting at Linsfort castle, you'll be making your ...(more)

Category: Walking
Lat: 55.172592 Lon: -7.503145
Malin Head Trail
Start of the nature walk out to the real Malin Head, some 2.5km from the tower on Ban...(more)

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Category: Walking
URL: www.malinhead.ie/MH/Malin...
Lat: 55.380768 Lon: -7.373972
Start of D'Arcy Magee trek
Distance: 3 km Time: 1 hr This is more of a stroll to be honest. Go down to Tremone B...(more)

Category: Walking
URL: www.walkinginishowen.com
Lat: 55.267306 Lon: -7.069872
Start of trek for Sliabh sneacht
Park well off the road and take the trek by the bridge where there's a sharp bend. At...(more)

Category: Walking
Lat: 55.23124 Lon: -7.33433
Start of trek to Kinnagoe bay
Distance: 18 km Time: 4 hrs Starting at Trean House, you'll be taking in Ballymagora...(more)

Category: Walking
URL: www.walkinginishowen.com
Lat: 55.267307 Lon: -7.069873
Start of trek to Mamore
Distance: 19 km Time: 4-5 hrs Starting at Linsfort castle, you'll be taking in Leophi...(more)

Category: Walking
URL: www.walkinginishowen.com
Lat: 55.172593 Lon: -7.503144
Start of trek to Raghtin More
Duration: 3.5-4 hours Distance: 7km Difficulty: moderate The beautiful 30 feet high G...(more)

Category: Walking
Lat: 55.267525 Lon: -7.436113