Rindoon Looped Trail
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Location Rindoon, County Roscommon # Locations 22
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Description Rindoon, or Rinn Duin in Irish, is where you can follow one of the the most enchanting looped walks in Ireland, past a castle, a church, a windmill, a hospital, bee boles, new born lambs as well as the Shannon lapping against the shore. With a hidden bluebell wood further on, numerous fairy trees, this is a very special area where heritage, nature and magic blend in to an unforgettable day's walking. This guide is indebted to Richard & Liz Collins, proprietors of St. John's House and to P.J. Grady for generously allowing people cross their lands on this walk. A note for anyone who may have done the walk in the past; as of Spring 2014, the walk is now going clockwise - this has been factored into this tour. If staying in Roscommon or Athlone, why not prepare a picnic and cycle the 10 miles out to Rindoon, heading along the N61 and turning off at Lecarrow. Gleesons in Roscommon will be happy to oblige with both! Take note of Coffey's legendary pub on your right for later and also the Lecarrow canoe club on your left in the village. Large parts of the looped walk are part of a working farm, so please bear that in mind when taking your dog with you and needless to say, if you must open a gate, remember to close it. Other than that, enjoy yourself - you are exploring a really special part of Ireland. Do you geocache? Go to www.geocaching.com to find out some clues about the caches that are buried down in Rindoon! Tips: Distance : 3km/1hr-1hr 30mins Terrain : Woodland Track, green path Ascent : 40m/10m Grade : Easy - to suit all levels of fitness Trailhead : St John's House, Lecarrow, County Roscommon, Ireland Minimum Gear : Hiking Boots, raingear, fluid and mobile phone Also bring binoculars and a picnic if good weather is forecast. Services : Lecarrow (3km), Athlone (16km) NOTE: Please note that the tour is subject to acceptance of our Licence.
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1. RLT Rindoon Walk car park
There are some parking spaces for walkers at the start of these two looped waymarked ...(more)

Lat: 53.543546 Lon: -8.005385
2. RLT Turn left before St. John's House
Liz and Richard Collins run St John's House, a highly-regarded Georgian guesthouse on...(more)

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Lecarrow, Rinnagan.
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Email: stjohnshouse@eircom.net
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Lat: 53.544106 Lon: -8.003832
3. RLT Approaching the old hospital
Having turned right after the garden walls, you are currently located to the rear of ...(more)

Lat: 53.545612 Lon: -8.001995
4. RLT Oldest marked grave in Ireland
There may be older unmarked graves in Ireland, but this grave has just been verified ...(more)

Lat: 53.544203 Lon: -8.002875
5. RLT The curious case of the buried leg
Richard knows some interesting facts about the area courtesy of his neighbours, such ...(more)

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Lat: 53.546734 Lon: -8.000987
6. RLT Approaching the lough
Get ready to turn right here following the waymarked signs to get you down towards th...(more)

Lat: 53.547499 Lon: -7.998884
7. RLT St. John's Wood
Stop and when facing the lough, look left - In the distance is St. John's Wood which ...(more)

Phone: +353879414728
Email: reginadonlin@gmail.com
Lat: 53.546428 Lon: -7.996674
8. RLT The Shannon river
Unlike the walk down from St. John's, you'll have noticed the preponderance of trees ...(more)

Lat: 53.544171 Lon: -7.993906
9. RLT Pathway by Lough Ree
The long stretch along the lough is coming to an end - get ready to make your way thr...(more)

Lat: 53.541225 Lon: -7.991095
10. RLT Fairy trees a plenty
Before Rinn Dúin castle, there's a whole host of hawthorn bushes to negotiate your wa...(more)

Lat: 53.540027 Lon: -7.991438
11. RLT Rinn Duin castle
The earliest part of the castle is the keep identified with the stone castle construc...(more)

Lat: 53.538752 Lon: -7.990837
12. RLT Old windmill
After the castle, you'll be making your way to the windmill. The earliest mention of ...(more)

Lat: 53.537247 Lon: -7.988069
13. RLT Wandering southwards
We're still heading south - out ahead of you some three hundred metres or so is the b...(more)

Lat: 53.536131 Lon: -7.986192
14. RLT Lough Ree birds
Lough Ree is famous for its wide variety of birds. Breeding species include Mute swan...(more)

Lat: 53.535028 Lon: -7.986588
15. RLT Woodland wonderland
Rinn Dúin peninsula has a wide abundance of wildlife. The woodland is used by foxes, ...(more)

Lat: 53.534556 Lon: -7.988198
16. RLT Bluebells galore
Late April and the early part of the month of May is the time to visit the wood to se...(more)

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Lat: 53.535997 Lon: -7.98955
17. RLT Rinn Duin wood
Rinn Dúin wood is part of the Lough Ree Special Area of Conservation. Although small...(more)

Lat: 53.536954 Lon: -7.990687
18. RLT Deep Hole
When castle-bound sailors could not land at Safe Harbour, they would land here instead.

Lat: 53.537298 Lon: -7.992039
19. RLT Rinn Duin church
The shorter Rinn Dúin castle green looped walk leaves out the forest and rejoins the ...(more)

Lat: 53.537732 Lon: -7.992833
20. RLT Lough Ree
Lough Ree (Irish: Loch Rí or Loch Ríbh) is the second of the three major lakes on the...(more)

Lat: 53.539842 Lon: -7.997746
21. RLT Rindoon wall
To your right, you will get a view of Rinn Duin wall - further details of this mighty...(more)

Lat: 53.542501 Lon: -8.00059
22. RLT Rush hour in Rindoon
To your right you will see Grady's farm. Come April, there'll be plenty of sheep with...(more)

Lat: 53.543135 Lon: -8.0017