Bog, Rock and Lough Trail
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Location Kilteevin, County Roscommon, Ireland # Locations 32
Media Audio, Text, & Pictures Tour Type Biking Category Historical Places
Description Enjoy a tour like no other as Fergal's father, Eamonn, takes us out to the bog where he spent many a Summer's day, to Lough Ree where the mighty Shannon flows and to Kilteevin mass rock where Catholics worshipped in Penal times. With anecdotes and insights along the way, your affable host will have you up to speed on all aspects of this often overlooked part of beautiful Roscommon. All sorts of stories can be found on this trail from how to stack turf to where Tom Cruise's people are from in Roscommon to the publican who stored sheep in his lounge, it is all here on the Bog, Rock and Lough Trail. NOTE: Please note that the tour is subject to acceptance of our Licence. This app is an initiative of Fergal Gleeson who established a new cycling tour business, the Real Roscommon Experience, in conjunction with Roscommon LEADER Partnership.
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BT1. Gleeson's
Our starting point is of course Gleeson's Townhouse and Restaurant right in the centr...(more)

The Square, Roscommon.
Phone: +353906626954
Lat: 53.63106 Lon: -8.191
BT2. Turn right for Creevy
Creevy turn off. You'll turning right for here. It's a busy road, but there is middle...(more)

Lat: 53.636433 Lon: -8.172455
BT3. Bog of Allen
Bog of Allen. You're already in the countryside and we tell you about Ireland's most ...(more)

Lat: 53.632781 Lon: -8.161039
BT4. Turn left at crossroads
Turn left at crossroads – Stop at this crossroads and once it is safe to move on, tur...(more)

Lat: 53.627386 Lon: -8.137736
BT5. Towards Kilteevin
There's a good stretch before you turn off for Kilteevin. Eamonn tells us what is aro...(more)

Lat: 53.627691 Lon: -8.136728
BT6. Turn right
This is a fairly acute right turn so be prepared for both this and the possibility of...(more)

Lat: 53.638824 Lon: -8.135891
BT7. St. Joseph's GAA club
St Joe's GAA – Another great institution in Ireland is the Gaelic Athletic Associatio...(more)

Lat: 53.638074 Lon: -8.133059
BT8. Turn right at Kilteevin
Turn right at Kilteevin – the small village of Kilteevin can claim a famous son that ...(more)

Lat: 53.635517 Lon: -8.125548
BT9. Turn left for Mass Rock
Turn left for Mass Rock – You'll be turning left for a visit to the famous Kilteevin ...(more)

Lat: 53.635122 Lon: -8.114862
BT10. Mass Rock parking
Mass Rock parking – After several hundred metres, you'll come to a bend in the road. ...(more)

Lat: 53.631544 Lon: -8.107926
BT11. Mass Rock
Mass Rock – In the middle of the field in front of you is the mass rock. These days, ...(more)

Lat: 53.631229 Lon: -8.106279
BT12. Turn left
Turn left – You'll be returning back onto the L1806. It's a busy road, so be careful ...(more)

Lat: 53.633869 Lon: -8.113317
BT13. Bumpy bog road
Bumpy bog road – Eamonn explains to us why this road is so bumpy in his own inimitabl...(more)

Lat: 53.633874 Lon: -8.113985
BT14. Turn left towards the bog
Left for the bog – We enter the bog in earnest, a landscape that is both bare and bea...(more)

Lat: 53.621367 Lon: -8.107953
BT15. Gleeson family turf patch
Gleeson turf patch – Eamonn tells us about this hallowed patch which kept the fires b...(more)

Lat: 53.623314 Lon: -8.090937
BT16. Turn right to Cloonlarge
Right for Cloonlarge – You will be carrying on this narrow road. You'll be taking a r...(more)

Lat: 53.623505 Lon: -8.078578
BT17. Twists
Twists – The road become very bendy here, but rest assured you are on the right section.

Lat: 53.612444 Lon: -8.05536
BT18. Turn right after shed
Right after shed – Once you see a stone shed on the left hand side, you are close to ...(more)

Lat: 53.6107 Lon: -8.053558
BT19. River Hind
We pass by the river Hind once again – it featured several times on the Mote Park Tra...(more)

Lat: 53.604316 Lon: -8.06488
BT20. 50/80 km signage
50/80 – Here's a great bit of Irish skulduggery where some wag has changed one of the...(more)

Lat: 53.595838 Lon: -8.063622
BT21. Turn left
Turn left – At this T junction, you will be turning left for Portrunny marina. Please...(more)

Lat: 53.595243 Lon: -8.065314
BT22. Portrunny
Portrunny marina is a great facility for water users along the Shannon involving the ...(more)

Lat: 53.592836 Lon: -8.063246
BT23. Straight on by Lough Ree
On by Lough Ree Further is lovely quiet road that skirts Lough Ree – ideal for a picnic.

Lat: 53.590301 Lon: -8.059805
BT24. Lough Ree
Lough Ree (Irish: Loch Rí or Loch Ríbh) is the second of the three major lakes on the...(more)

Portrunny, Roscommon.
Lat: 53.587277 Lon: -8.052034
BT25. Bogging
In the audio piece, we explain what the curious Irish term ‘bogging' means! Anyone lo...(more)

Lat: 53.590378 Lon: -8.060007
BT26. Straight on
On you way back from Portrunny, you will be heading straight on rather than returning...(more)

Lat: 53.594757 Lon: -8.065541
BT27. Perch and silage
Eamonn tells us a great story about his childhood fishing at Portrunny. He then tells...(more)

Lat: 53.595867 Lon: -8.068557
BT28. Crossroads
Be careful at the crossroads – you do not have right of way and cars travel at speed ...(more)

Lat: 53.602106 Lon: -8.09864
BT29. Turn right onto N61
Turn right onto N61 An even busier road awaits here so again, be careful before takin...(more)

Lat: 53.605888 Lon: -8.124154
BT30. Lynch's beech trees
As you drive back into Roscommon Town, you'll notice a fine array of trees lining the...(more)

Lat: 53.612024 Lon: -8.136277
BT31. The 3 Hs
The three ‘H's' are homes (nursing), hospital and Hyde and are explained by Eamonn in...(more)

Lat: 53.62322 Lon: -8.166049
BT32. Back to the townhouse
If you've any questions on anything you've seen on the route, feel free to ask Eamonn...(more)

Lat: 53.626953 Lon: -8.18151