Suck Valley Trail
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Location Suck Valley, Count Roscommon, Ireland # Locations 31
Media Audio, Text, & Pictures Tour Type Biking Category Historical Places
Description The Suck river meanders ponderously as it makes it way down towards the Shannon. To the left is Galway and to the right is Roscommon. It's a valley that is renowned to fisherman across Europe but has a host of interesting historical facts associated with it. The Cross of Cong was made here, the Garda Siochana college was intended for here and Charles Stewart Parnell gave his last public speech here. Beyond this, there are tales regarding saints from St. Ciaran to St. Coman, of dastardly landlords and inventive publicans and of the serpentine-like river itself giving the trail its subtitle of Serpent, saints and sinners. The good, the bad and the ugly has all passed through this area and we aim to tell you some of the more colourful stories from over the centuries in the hands of Eamonn and a man who can both see and maybe even raise Eamonn on the talking stakes in the form of Fuerty farmer Charlie Clarke. Join us on a journey that has scenery that is both haunting and ethereal in the hands of two great raconteurs. Please note we would ask you to pull over and savour the full audio of the lads talking loquaciously at five pull over locations along the way: - 1. Athleague 2. Castlestrangle, 3. Fuerty 4. Castlecoote 5. Donamon Castle N.B: Please note that the tour is subject to acceptance of our Licence. This app is an initiative of Fergal Gleeson who established a new cycling tour business, the Real Roscommon Experience, in conjunction with Roscommon LEADER Partnership.
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1. SVT Gleeson's
Our starting point is of course Gleeson's Townhouse and Restaurant right in the centr...(more)

The Square, Roscommon.
Phone: +353906626954
Lat: 53.631038 Lon: -8.191016
2. SVT St. Coman's Parish church
This Protestant church is dedicated to the saint who gave his name to the town and th...(more)

Church Street, Roscommon.
Lat: 53.629072 Lon: -8.191069
3. SVT Land ownership
It is an eight mile journey to Ahtleague along the N63 so as we pass through the Abbe...(more)

Lat: 53.625999 Lon: -8.195071
4. SVT Absentee landlord
The accompanying audio piece is another tour de force from Charlie Clarke as he tells...(more)

Lat: 53.587945 Lon: -8.224254
5. SVT Athleague
Derived from the Irish Ath Liag Maonagain, The Stony Ford of St. Meanacain, Athleague...(more)

Phone: +353906663602
Fax: +353906663014
Lat: 53.568173 Lon: -8.25865
6. SVT Pull Over Point #1
We have five Pull Over points on this tour, both to allow you to soak up the atmosphe...(more)

Riverside Cafe and Conference Centre.
Phone: +353906663602
Lat: 53.569574 Lon: -8.261633
7. SVT Turn right at Bellanacarrow
There's a turn off to the right to get us to the nearby La Tene Stone. Slow down and ...(more)

Lat: 53.580506 Lon: -8.275623
8 and 10 SVT Turn left
Ensure you take time to note the pink plaque on the right of the gate here - it is de...(more)

Lat: 53.585474 Lon: -8.271482
9. SVT PULL OVER #2 La Tene stone
On arrival, go through stone gates. Stone is 50m on the right. Known as the Castlestr...(more)

Lat: 53.586747 Lon: -8.272093
11. SVT Towards Colmeen
As you drive towards Colmeen you'll find Black Lake, which is a highly regarded fishi...(more)

Lat: 53.592352 Lon: -8.259745
12. SVT PULL OVER #3 Fuerty
Just after the tree in the picture, there is parking space just before the church on ...(more)

Lat: 53.610687 Lon: -8.269272
13. SVT Towards Castlecoote
After your stop off in Fuerty, you will be taking a left at the T-junction and making...(more)

Lat: 53.610547 Lon: -8.269873
14. SVT PULL OVER #4 Castlecoote
Our fourth Pull Over point is Castelcoote picturesquely located beside the Suck River...(more)

Lat: 53.613399 Lon: -8.290644
15. SVT. Turn right at PJ's pub
After you finished up in Castlecoote, you will be travelling the short distance down ...(more)

Lat: 53.612094 Lon: -8.292706
16. SVT Fishing tips
There are a number of important coarse and pike fishing venues in the area where you ...(more)

Lat: 53.612483 Lon: -8.293385
17. SVT OPTIONAL Turn right for Stonehams lough
Stonehams is the place to go if you really want to get away from it all and get some ...(more)

Lat: 53.620883 Lon: -8.320577
18. SVT Turn right
You wil taking a right here. Of note to some of you is Donamon church which is on the...(more)

Lat: 53.628404 Lon: -8.329353
19. SVT Turn right
Donamon Castle operates a one way system and you will need to turn right here to ente...(more)

Lat: 53.63072 Lon: -8.321414
20. SVT PULL OVER #5 Donamon Castle
Donamon Castle is one of the oldest inhabited buildings in Ireland. There was a fort ...(more)

Lat: 53.631712 Lon: -8.318195
21. SVT Turn right
After crossing the Suck once again, you may wish to park up and enjoy the river as it...(more)

Lat: 53.635936 Lon: -8.320239
22. SVT Turn left
This T junction should be taking you left, but you may wish to get up close to fish b...(more)

Lat: 53.638481 Lon: -8.310299
23. SVT OPTIONAL Disabled fishing spot
You may wish to observe the river up close by turning right at the T-junction. You wi...(more)

Phone: +353906662277
Fax: +353906662646
Lat: 53.63385 Lon: -8.305836
24. SVT Turn left
The road seriously narrows after you take the left at the T-junction so drive careful...(more)

Lat: 53.641661 Lon: -8.30723
25. SVT Turn sharp right
Immediately after you go under the railway bridge you will be taking this sharp right...(more)

Lat: 53.642857 Lon: -8.308282
26. SVT Railway
The existence of the railway line you've just gone under is thanks to the efforts of ...(more)

Lat: 53.642628 Lon: -8.304913
27. SVT Placenames
There isn't an acre of land in Ireland that doesn't have placenames. Here, Charlie Cl...(more)

Lat: 53.643557 Lon: -8.290579
28. SVT Go left
This lovely straight stretch of countryside comes to all too sudden end with this T-j...(more)

Lat: 53.644832 Lon: -8.256879
29. SVT Turn right T junction
This somewhat awkward and acute turn right should be taken with caution prior to you ...(more)

Lat: 53.653833 Lon: -8.260088
30. SVT Turn right onto N60
With the main N60 road, we are back to 'civilization' and are heading back into town....(more)

Lat: 53.653795 Lon: -8.257148
31. SVT Cattle
To see you back into town in style, Eamonn and Charlie tells us about their memories ...(more)

Lat: 53.652803 Lon: -8.252749
32. SVT Turn right
You will be coming back into Roscommon Town. At the roundabout, you will take to take...(more)

Lat: 53.63759 Lon: -8.19123