The Norman Way Map & Directions

Tour Locations

Show 1. Rosslare Harbour
   Audio: Rosslare L.mp3
   Lat: 52.251395  Lon: -6.342276
Show 2. Turn left for The Norman Way
   Audio: Fossilised landscape L.mp3
   Lat: 52.241782  Lon: -6.355205
Show 3. TNW: Lady's Island
   Audio: Our Lady's Island L.mp3
   Lat: 52.208606  Lon: -6.381297
Show 4. Lady's Island lake birds
   Audio: ED HH JH L Ladys island lake.mp3
   Lat: 52.211992  Lon: -6.383336
Show 5. TNW: St. Iberius's church
   Audio: St Iberius L.mp3
   Lat: 52.217169  Lon: -6.382300
Show 6. Tacumshane storytelling evenings
   Audio: ED- Hh Rambling House.mp3
   Lat: 52.208346  Lon: -6.422002
Show 7. TNW: Tacumshane windmill
   Audio: Tacum Wind L.mp3
   Lat: 52.208780  Lon: -6.423990
Show 8. TNW: St. Catherine's church
   Audio: ED HH YD ST Catherine's L.mp3
   Lat: 52.203722  Lon: -6.437627
Show 9. Countryside features
   Audio: ED HH L countryside edit.mp3
   Lat: 52.218309  Lon: -6.474547
Show 10. TNW: Sigginstown castle
   Audio: Sigginstown L.mp3
   Lat: 52.205085  Lon: -6.445662
Show 11. TNW: Ishartmon church
   Audio: ED L HH YD Double bellcote .mp3
   Lat: 52.216920  Lon: -6.456029
Show 12. TNW: Tomhaggard
   Audio: Tomhaggard L.mp3
   Lat: 52.215856  Lon: -6.493823
Show 13. St. Anne's Holy Well
   Audio: ED-L Grotto.mp3
   Lat: 52.215257  Lon: -6.493746
Show 14. Yola dialect
   Audio: Yola L.mp3
   Lat: 52.209553  Lon: -6.499615
Show 15. TNW: Ballyhealy castle
   Audio: Ballyhealy L.mp3
   Lat: 52.194660  Lon: -6.532599
Show 16. TNW: Grange church
   Audio: ED Grange v2.mp3
   Lat: 52.196915  Lon: -6.564562
Show 17. Kilmore's wooden crosses
   Audio: HH RD L Wooden crosses.mp3
   Lat: 52.206402  Lon: -6.545872
Show 18. The Yellow Bellies of Wexford
   Audio: ED-L Yelloe bellies.mp3
   Lat: 52.223962  Lon: -6.355590
Show 19. TNW: Kilmore Quay
   Audio: Kilmore Quay L.mp3
   Lat: 52.172749  Lon: -6.589364
Show 20. The Saltee Islands
   Audio: ED L Saltees.mp3
   Lat: 52.117640  Lon: -6.622760
Show 21. TNW: St. Mary's church
   Audio: St Mary's L.mp3
   Lat: 52.396322  Lon: -6.941362

Driving Directions