Marketing with the GeoTour Facebook App

by Jackson Everett - 8/3/09 7:21 AM

Facebook currently has over 250 million active users with 120 million accessing their account everyday. If you want to promote your GeoTours, this is the place to do it and we just completed developing our Facebook App to make it easy for you to get your tours in front of those users and allow you to directly share your tours with your own Facebook network.

We also set up a Geovative Solutions business page on Facebook and really want you to become a fan to help in promoting our GeoTour creator and all of the tours available through GeoTour Xchange. You dont have to be Geovative member to be a fan of Geovative on Favebook so invite your Facebook network to our pages.

So how can you use Facebook to attract visitors and encourage downloads of your GeoTours? There are 3 ways you can promote your tours on Facebook and it is so easy you will wonder why you have not done it already.

1. Status Update: Your Facebook status update allows you to insert a URL link. Simply write a few words about the GeoTour you want to share with your Facebook network and include the full URL in the text. You can find the URL for your tour on your GeoTour page at the bottom of the header description of your tour. If you are a Pro or Premier member with Geovative, then you can also share the link to your Micro-Site which can be found on your Micro-Site Setup page in Geovative.

2. GeoTour Facebook App: Add our new Facebook App and share with your friends. By activating the application, your tours will be visible from inside Facebook. You can even select which tours you want to share through the app. We also made it possible for all tours that are shared through GeoTours Xchange to show on the Browse Tours section of the app which means your tours could be shared and downloaded by other Facebook users that are not in your network. This gives you more exposure and opportunity to promote your GeoTours.

3. Facebook Avertise: Pay per click advertising on Facebook allows you to target people that will have the most interest in your GeoTour. You can select people who live in a particular area or have certain demographics. Your ad will use a photo you select along with brief text and a link to your GeoTour or Micro-Site. You can see how other Facebook ads appear by looking to the right column of your own Facebook page. The best thing about Facebook Ads is it allows you to set a budget for clickthroughs which means you will never spend more than you can afford.

Give the new Facebook features a try and let us know how it works for you or if you have any questions or suggestions. Here are the links to our Facebook Page and App. Enjoy!!


Become a Fan of our Facebook Page and invite your friends to share in the fun

Activate the GeoTour Facebook App and share your tour creations with all your friends on Facebook.

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New Features Announced

by Jackson Everett - 7/28/09 5:21 PM

Over the past 6 months we have been working on a variety of upgrades and enhancements to the Geovative website and our GeoTour Creator (a.k.a. Tour Builder). Many of these new features have been implemented at the request of various Geovative members. Over the next few weeks we will be posting details of our new features and enhancements as well as some ideas for using the features to promote, sell and share your GeoTours more effectively.

We are excited to showcase some of the user controls you now have when setting up a tour as well as help you to drive traffic to your tours using our new Facebook app. You may have already noticed some of our new features and memberships and you will want to come back soon and see the redesign of our website. Be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed if you have not already and watch for updates in the coming days.


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New Tour Features

by Scott Rock - 8/2/07 9:46 PM

We've been hard at work to make GeoTours Web even more user-friendly and have incorporated some suggestions received from our users. We believe these features will be a tremendous help in creating and administering your tours. Check out the new features below!

  • If you haven't already noticed, the tour menu has been improved and turned into a drop-down menu. The left side gives tour options that allow you to perform various tasks on the tour, and the right side allows you to quickly download the tour into a format of your choice.

  • Within the new Tour Options drop-down menu, you'll now see a new option called Edit Tour Order. This option allows you to quickly and easily modify the order of your tour locations. Simply move them up or down, then click Update and your tour order is now in the order you specified.

  • You'll also notice two new options on the Edit Tour page. The first, Proximity, allows you to specify, in feet, the distance you need to be from the tour location when the associated multimedia is displayed. Once set, the distance will carry through in the various download formats. The second, Show Route, allows you to specify whether you want the driving route automatically displayed (or not displayed) on your tour.

  • Another update we've made is the ability to be automatically notified via e-mail whenever someone posts a comment to a tour you've created. Now you'll know the moment you have a new comment posted on any of your tours.

Enjoy these new features, and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them to our forum or contact us.

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