Yeats Country Racontour
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Location Counties Sligo and Leitrim, Ireland # Locations 61
Media Text Descriptions Tour Type Driving Category Road Trip
Description A stellar cast including Richard Harris, The Waterboys and even Yeats himself are included on this GPS-navigated tour around Yeats country. From Sligo Town out to the Coolera peninsula down to Ballysadare, around Loughs Gill and Glencar before taking in Rosses Point, this two day tour covers all of the essential spots that inspired a young Yeats to write some of his most memorable works. Please familiarize yourself with the route in advance and ensure you read the directions given where it's suggested you stop. With the right amount of planning, you can be guided around without the need to have vocal directions given by the device - listen to the stories and the poetry of the man instead. NOTE: please read Supported Devices for compatibility & the Licence Agreement at prior to download.
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1. Sligo Tourism Office
Sligo Tourist Office, Aras Reddan, Temple Street, Sligo Telephone: 353719171905...(more)

2. Turn left
Upper St John street, Sligo. You'll be turning right here on to the N4 before takin...(more)

3. Turn RIGHT
Coming on to Joe Banks Road, being the bypass, take a right.

4. Turn LEFT
SN4 Sligo bypass. Driving from Sligo Tourism office to Strandhill, take a left here o...(more)

5. IGNORE Knocknarea sign ahead
You will see a brown sign for Knocknarea on the R292 to Strandhill. Ignore it - we wi...(more)

6. Turn LEFT
Knocknarea scenic drive turn off point. Just after the Strandhill sign and with a chu...(more)

7/10. Turn RIGHT
At this crossroads, you'll be turning RIGHT both going to and coming from Queen Maeve...(more)

8. TURN RIGHT for Queen Maeve's Cairn car park
There's ample parking for over 20 cars here together with a portaloo, but not for the...(more)

9. STOP at Queen Maeve's Cairn, Knocknarea
325 metres high overlooking Yeats's country is this imposing megalithic tomb to the l...(more)

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11. TURN LEFT for Carrowmore
12. Carrowmore megalithic cemetery
Carrowmore, Sligo. Telephone: +353719161534 Email: more)

13. Turn RIGHT
Coming via the Strandhill road, you will now need to turn right to go to Ballysadare.

15. Ballysadare
Ballysadare village, 7 miles south of Sligo is where the Pollexfen Company had extens...(more)

16. Ballysadare Bridge
Make your way to the bridge where the Ballysadare river is. Facing north, you are now...(more)

17. Turn RIGHT
After Ballysadare, going under the N4 road, this is the turnoff you will need to take...(more)

18. STOP, then straight on.
At the crossroads with the busy R284, give way to traffic then when clear, continue o...(more)

19. Turn RIGHT
Following on from Ballysadare, you are now joining the R287 which will lead you to Dr...(more)

20. STOP at Dooney Rock
You are now at Dooney Rock, a hugh rock covered in foliage and trees. This was a favo...(more)

21. The Song of Wandering Aengus
Actor Neil O'Shea recites The Song of Wandering Aengus, one of the pieces from his fu...(more)

22. TURN LEFT for the Lake Isle of Inishfree
Listen to the voice of the great man himself, recorded by the BBC in 1932 reciting Th...(more)

23. STOP in Dromahair
Dromahair, County Leitrim Telephone: 353719620170 Email: more)

24. STOP at Lough Gill viewing point #1
Another opportunity to pull over safely and admire the view of Lough Gill.

25. STOP at Parkes Castle & the Wild Rose waterbus
Parkes Castle, Lough Gill, Near Dromahair Telephone: +353719164149 Email: more)

26. Lough Gill view #2
Following on from your visit to Parkes Castle & the waterbus, this is another opportu...(more)

The Yeats poems that are read out here are: - The fisherman, Coming of wisdom of tim...(more)

28. Start of N16
DAY TWO The start of the N16, a scenic route that will take you high above Glencar va...(more)

29. IGNORE Glencar sign ahead
You will a sign for Glencar on the left. Ignore it and take the next Glencar turnoff ...(more)

30. STOP at N16 Glencar viewing point
An excellent (and safe) vantage point from which to see Glencar lake.

31. Turn LEFT for Glencar
Turning off the main n16 Sligo-Enniskillen road, this is the correct turn off you wil...(more)

32. Start of Glencar piece
Now safely off the N16, you are about to discover our favourite part of Yeats country...(more)

33. STOP at Glencar lake car park
With clean WCs available and adequate parking for everything from buses to motorhomes...(more)

34. Glencar waterfall
Believed to be the site which inspired The Stolen Child, this is an enthralling place...(more)

35. Glencar lakeside
36. Glencar stop off view
One of the many tranquil spots along the lake where the scenery is worth stopping for...(more)

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37. Turn RIGHT (towards Ben Bulben)
Once you've made the turnoff here, the following poems will play: - The man who drea...(more)

38. Diarmaid betrayed
You are now travelling by Ben Bulben where legend has it Diarmaid Ua Duibhne died. Di...(more)

39. Turn LEFT on to N15
You are now approaching the N15 Sligo-Donegal road. Take a left and travel two kilome...(more)

40. Carney
You are driving through Carney, a small but well serviced village, with two good rest...(more)

41. STOP at Lissadell House
Lissadell House is closed. Email: info@lissad...(more)

42. Drumcliff
You are now in the village of Drumcliff, firmly put on the map when W.B. Yeats was in...(more)

43. STOP at Drumcliff church car park
NOTE: Make your way here to park safely. From here, take your audio device with you a...(more)

44. Yeats's Grave
The resting place of Ireland's greatest poet, William Butler Yeats is as near perfect...(more)

45. Rathcormack
Rathcormack is a small village at the base of a valley. Rising from it towards Sligo,...(more)

46. TURN RIGHT for Rosses Point
47. Rosses Point
Yeats loved Rosses Point and first experimented with the paranormal here, encouraged ...(more)

48. Poems
The Yeats poems you'll hear are: - The circus animal's desertion Paudeen The fiddler...(more)

49. Sligo Town
You are now returning to Sligo Town, but we are continuing on out to Lough Gill - the...(more)

50. Turn RIGHT at lights
You are now coming on to Pearse Road and some 400 metres before the turn off point to...(more)

51. Turn LEFT
At Markievicz GAA stadium, you'll be turning left and will be in the countryside with...(more)

52. Turn LEFT
Lough Gill route turn off point. This is a sharp turn off to the left so be warned!

53. STOP at Lough Gill scenic brow
One final chance to see Lough Gill. Your first view of it is a spectacular panorama w...(more)

54. Turn RIGHT
Holy Well turn off point. Take a right at the end of this sudden T-junction for Tober...(more)

55. Turn RIGHT
Take this turnoff to visit the beautifully kept Tobernalt Holy Well.

56. Tobernalt Holy Well
Tobernalt Holy Well is a place of reflection and nurturing serenity. It predates the ...(more)

57. Turn RIGHT
Post Holy Well T junction. Turn right at this junction on to the R287 to get back to ...(more)

S-1. Yeats Memorial Building
Yeats Memorial building, Hyde bridge, Sligo Telephone: +353719142693 Email: more)

S-2. Yeats Statue
Outside the Ulster Bank stands a striking contemporary sculpture by artist Rowan Gill...(more)

S-3. Sligo County Museum
Sligo County Museum, Stephen Street, Sligo Telephone: +353719141623 Email: more)

S-4. St. John's Cathedral
On the wall near the pulpit of this cathedral, there is a brass plaque dedicated to t...(more)

S-5. Polloxfen's house
This iconic house overlooking Sligo docks was home to Yeats's grandfather Pollexfen. ...(more)